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Kingdom Leadership Matrix

Where you learn to L.E.A.D.  yourself

from the inside out so you can then L.E.A.D others. 

The Higher View

We are a Women's Leadership-Mentorship Program where women are led by a leader who has a passion to see you succeed in every area of life. This program was designed for Women by Women with the goal of Elevating Women's Leadership to a Higher View. Women also have an opportunity to restore Kingdom prosperity as they take what they learn and L.E.A.D. other women, taking reformation to the Nations. We deploy creating Kingdom expansion and multiplication.

I Know I Want To Join!

Kingdom Leadership Matrix

L.E.A.D.ing Women from the Inside Out with


We at The Higher View-Nation Of Women (N.O.W.) will walk with you as you are Mentored in a personal community of like minded women. As you begin to begin to transform, you can Mentor other women in our breakout sessions. Following our Plug-In-Go Mentor program: Empowering Women to Thrive through Mentorship and Leadership. Discover a unique pathway to personal and professional growth with our Plug-In-Go Transformational Program, specially designed for women seeking to both receive and provide mentorship. Harness the power of our comprehensive leadership resources to guide others as you enhance your own skills and understanding. This program is your gateway to restoring abundant living, fostering a cycle of empowerment and support among women leaders. Join us to transform, lead, and live abundantly

When you sow seed into yourself and others, you'll receive:

  • Foundational Abundant Living Mapping (ALM) Course

  • Principle Based Leadership (PBL) Course

  • Weekly Private Community Mentorship 

  • Weekly Workshop Q&A

  • Private Leadership social media community & activities

  • Leaders for mentoring and coaching support

  • Leadership Life Hacks based on Leadership principles/tactics rooted in love, equipping, activation, and deployment

  • Level Two DIY Tracts-You Choose One Tract; Tactic Based Leadership, THV Life Coaching, I2E/IA Signature Content Creation

  • And So much more!


  • 3 Major Benefits of Joining the Kingdom Leadership Matrix

    Kingdom Expansion Program


    Weekly communion in a safe place with Women who are called to Mentor and want to L.E.A.D. other women to be the best they can be as they are restored into their original design. 



    This program is jam-packed with hours of powerful content, community, mentoring, and an opportunity for Kingdom prosperity that focuses on equipping women with tools to restoration back to their original design and God's original intent in every sphere of influence; ushering Heaven to Earth in every Nation.


    Our affiliate opportunity is specially designed for any Woman who knows there is more to life and wants to restore prosperity back to God's original intent, lead other women as they find their original design with impactful leadership training. Women called to mentor other women, bringing Kingdom prosperity into every sphere of influence they impact: Church, Family, Education, Business, Arts/Entertainment, Media, Healthcare, Government.

    Kingdom Leadership Matrix is Rooted in Love with

    3 Powerful Intentions

    That make it an Awesome Program for all Women

    Intention One is Equip

    Women start out walking with our Leaders as they evaluate the balance in their life and gain insight on where they need to focus to bring an impactful change. They dive into their past identifying triggers that keep them from achieving their purpose. They are given tools to identify their purpose and true passions so they can live life, as promised, with abundance. They are introduced to the unlimited possibilities of how God still speaks today and how they can hear him. 

    Intent Two is to Activate Women

    Actively walking out the process with mentors and coaches as women implement THV-NOW Leadership programs, Abundant Living Mapping, and Mentorship calls. This time is for fellowship and community. Women will meet weekly with their Leader and then have the ability to lead other Women. This will allow women an opportunity to develop prosperity in all areas of life as they create a businestry doing what they love, what they were created to do bringing Heaven to earth, as they multiply the Kingdom of God in every sphere of influence. 

    Intent Three is to Deploy Women into their Sphere of Influence to make an impact in ALL Nations

    When a woman walks into any arena, sphere of influence, or nation with a confidence in who she is and what she was created to do, her impact will be great. We strive to provide a program that will empower women to confidently go into all the world as healthy women leaders and replicate God's original intent, reforming and restoring nations back to God's original design. We aim to have healthy Kingdom connections that will support women in their passions and callings; whether that be creating their own businestry leading women's groups, starting their own ministry, leading their own organization, serving in government, education, media, arts/entertainment, economy, family, or church. THV-Nation of Women-Kingdom Leadership Matrix leaders will L.E.A.D from the inside out. 

    "The benefits of coaching, mentoring, and discipling are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more (source: ICF 2009)".

    ~ Great Leadership starts with YOU! As the family goes, the Nation goes!  Melissa McCrery

    Are You Ready?

    Join the Kingdom Leadership Matrix Community

    Build Your Leadership-Mentorship Skills

    And Make an Impact Restoring Kingdom Prosperity

    Don't miss out on this powerful opportunity to change generations to come!

    As you sow into yourself and others, nations will be impacted!

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    The #1 Kingdom Based Principle-Based Leadership-Mentorship

    Free Women's Community 

    Safe place to use your voice, share life, have supportive community

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